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In 2012, ALBA has obtained the FSC certification as an authorized user of paper having the FSC trademark.

What is FSC Certification

The FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council) is the main mechanism of guarantee of the wood or paper origin. It is an international certification system that ensures that raw materials used to create a wood or paper product, comes from forests where rigorous environmental, social and economical standards are met.
The FSC trademark guarantees that the forest of origin was controlled and evaluated independently in accordance with these standards (principles and criteria of good forestry management), established and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council per instance through the participation and the consent of the parties involved.
The FSC was created in 1993, it is an international NGO, independent and nonprofit organization. It includes among its members: environmental and social groups, indigenous communities, consumer associations, forest owners, specialists, certification bodies, first processing, transformation, and marketing wood industries, scientists and technicians working together to improve forests  management worldwide.
Forests provide us with clean water, fresh air and help fighting global warming. When they are managed responsibly, they give large contributions to the local communities and to the whole world.

But, unfortunately in some countries, the 80% of forests are cut illegally in violation of human rights.

Environmentally friendly printing

One of the major problems that affect environment is the great quantity of paper that is used daily worldwide often for completely unnecessary reasons. Hectares and hectares of forests are crumpled and end up in a trash can each day, because of printing stacks of unreadable tables, perhaps for pure routine and formalities.
The recent environmental disciplines and the public pressure require new “models” and this inevitably creates new business conditions. Consumers, and the public in general, pay greater attention to businesses messages and initiatives. Therefore, the development of very functional and eco-compatible solutions helps to differentiate the offer, allowing enterprises to compete on multiple levels.
Some firms have announced their willingness to put in place a comprehensive program of paper media, resources and web tools to help customers identify the most suitable kind of paper, and the most correct way to print respecting the environment.
Sometimes, it is essential to print documents even for those who care about the paper consumption. In these cases, the fundamental rule is to use recycled paper. What is less known, is that some cautiousness may be taken from the printer side, with regard to the consumption of ink. A higher printing efficiency can be obtained using ecological cartridges that last longer, with the right settings.
Moreover, the printing and packaging industry have different means to offer printed packages that help reduce wastage or increase recycling or reuse substrates and ink.
A reality already in test on the market, obtained thanks to the collaboration between public and private sectors, is a non-toxic ink, ecological and edible. It is specially designed for the disposable print, which saves the forests and offer no contamination risk for food.
It was made by the dyes used in the cakes pastry, modified to suit offices ink jet printers, and it costs less than the traditional ink. A prototype compatible with the most popular models of printers exists. It was created to solve the problem of ink misuse and its resistance on any type of printing paper, even on the papers that will be discarded within few hours.
Many people and organizations, who have realized that the Earth has limited resources that should to preserved and renewed, are working together on issues of common interest.
As a result of the United Nations Conference on sustainable development in 1992, representatives of the companies involved, of the social group, and the environmental organizations have gathered and established the Forest Stewardship Council (Council for Forest Protection). Its purpose is to improve forests management. Nowadays, FSC is the only internationally recognized standard for the organization responsible for the forest management supported by the business sector, the environmental organizations and the social groups.
The process of giving the definition standard FSC is transparent, democratic, fair and solidarity-based. It offers a lot of opportunities for the public interested. This process has allowed FSC to become an important and recognized forum which innovative solutions are made possible thanks to the support of all groups interested in forestry issues.

Reasons why FSC choice makes a difference:

  • Prohibits the conversion of natural forests and other habitats all over the world.
  • Bans the use of dangerous pesticides globally.
  • Forbids the cultivation of genetically modified trees (GMO).
  • Respects indigenous people rights worldwide.
  • Checks every certified operation at least once a year.


The FSC products range grows every day. Currently, almost every product is available in FSC quality and generally they are not more expensive than the non-certified products, and they often have a better quality.
FSC offers a simple solution to the complex problem of the environmental and social issues.
FSC brand is an effective way to obtain consumers appreciation. This gives credibility with customers and trading partners, as well as financial institutions and supervision organizations.
FSC certification helps protect the brand and its reputation, it also allows to access ecologically sensitive markets.
FSC is a worldwide recognized standard and the only one that is not an obstacle to trade within the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Types of FSC paper

In the frame of paper producers’ certification, there are 3 types of different products:

    1. FSC pure: paper made entirely with FSC cellulose
    2. FSC mixed: paper made with varying percentages of FSC certified material and controlled forests
    3. FSC mixed and recycled: paper made with varying percentages of FSC certified material, and
        recycled controlled material

Upon Customer request, ALBA can use any kind of the above mentioned type of paper.

Let us not put too much burden on the environment

The environmental certification acquired by our company includes a series of internal procedures and measures, simple but effective, which makes it possible to limit energy waste, and reduce our services impact on the environment.

Some examples are:

  • On/off lighting sensors in common environments;
  • Automatic switch-off of machines, printers, and pc after a certain time of inactivity;
  • Separate collection of waste in the offices;
  • Separation of remaining papers used in copy centers (clean, B/W, color);
  • Reuse of clean papers after large formats cutting.

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